Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Cruise- Formal Night

My very favorite thing about cruising is the formal nights.  I love getting all dressed up and look forward to those nights most of all.  I was supposed to be in a wedding back in December but because of a winter storm was stuck in Virginia and missed the wedding.  So, I had a formal dress that I just had to wear!  ha  I was glad it still fit (although a little snug).  On our past cruises we have rented David a tux but opted for a suit this time since this was a last minute trip.  We had a fun night!
(side view)
On this night one of the menu options was lobster and grilled shrimp.  It was delicious!!!
During dinner the waiters usually sing or do some type of entertainment.  It is always enjoyable.
Enjoying the show after dinner
We have been so blessed to have been able to travel and see and do so many things during our married life.  We have soo many memories to cherish and are thankful for the times we have had.  We've had a great life together as the two of us and cannot wait to experience life with our son.  There is so much we can't wait to do with him!  We still cannot believe that our party of two will soon be a party of three!!!  

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  1. Your dress is amazing. I love its lines. Stopping from SITS!


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