Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cruz's Crib

First of all, after much discussion and debate, we have finally settled on a name (mostly because we have showers coming up and people are wanting to monogram things).  Who knew it would be so hard!  His name will be Cruz David White and we will call him Cruz.  Most people either really like it or really don't.  We are getting used to hearing both sides. 

On our recent trip to Alabama we were given a baby crib.  What a blessing that was!  I am thankful mostly because that was one less decision I had to make, ha.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed lately with decisions and options!  Anyway, when we returned home David put it together so we could see what it looked like.  We really love it.  I had to take a few photos of him in action.
The finished project- 
It is still up in our dining room.  We are enjoying seeing it.  He will be taking it apart soon so that we can crate it to Guatemala.

Here is what our bedding looks like-
We have registered at Babies 'R Us, Walmart, and Target.  I have links to each of these on our sidebar.


  1. LOVE the name you've chosen!! Love it!!

    And Cruz's bedding is adorable! :) I hope you're having a blast getting all his things ready! I used to lay Isabelle's clothes out on her crib, stare at it for days, pack it away, then do it all over again, (and again and again!) to pass the time waiting for her. Such precious memories....

  2. ha- "it" should have been "them"- no, I did not pack away the crib again and again.... hee hee

  3. First, I have tears in my eyes. I'm so happy for you. Don't be overwhelmed. Just enjoy choosing and registering for things. Then enjoy the showers. You're going to have more stuff than you know what to do with.

    Second, I LOVE the crib and the bedding.

    Finally, Cruz is going to really hate it when he grows up and I tell him his name could have been Fred.

  4. stopping by from SITS. if you're considering a mural for the nursery, I'd love for you to check out my work. http://muralmaker1.com. There's a Registry for your friends & family, too.
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. guess I shoulda said the mural can be on canvas, rolled up and shipped! or stored later! I just saw where you're going back to Guatemala.
    As a stepmother who could never have her own children, my congratulations are truly heartfelt.

  6. Love his sweet little name. Glad you are using David too. The bedding is so cute! I was wanting to paint something for him, but I know you have so many people doing so much. Do you have wall art? If not I would like to do some to match his bedding. If you do I have a few other ideas. Please let me know ASAP. Love ya! e-mail me my facebook is down. mistyoster@yahoo.com

  7. Came over from SITS! Congrats on Cruz, being a mommy is the greatest thing in the world (next to marrying your husband). Enjoy!
    The Park Wife


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