Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 19

I am 19 weeks today!

At 19 weeks, the baby's sensory development is at its peak. The nerve cells that will control all of the senses are developing in specialized areas of the brain. The reproductive system is complete now too. As the baby's nervous system develops, it will master increasingly complicated movements such as twisting, turning, stretching, grasping and even doing somersaults. Between 19 weeks pregnant and delivery the baby should increase in size by more than 15 times! That's an amazing growth rate.

Great!  I feel good, and I eat good.  I am loving this stage of pregnancy!!!  I feel like I live in the bathroom though.  As long as I am sitting down I am fine, but if I stand up, I have to go.  I can't imagine that it gets worse the bigger I get! 

We had our first childbirth class on Monday night and it was very informative.  We had an overview of the labor process.  I haven't given much thought to the idea of giving birth. I've been so focused on making sure the baby was healthy and growing and staying inside.  But, after Monday night I must admit I did have a little anxiety with the thought of how it's going to come out, haha.  Yikes!!  We'll miss next weeks class due to travels but are looking forward to the following three weeks where we'll meet with a Pediatrician, discuss breastfeeding, and take a baby CPR class.  All of this will be very helpful to us considering the fact that we do not plan on giving birth or raising our child in the States.

Keep praying!  We all three appreciate it!


  1. you look awesome. happy 19th week, your almost half way there. thanks for sharing. I'll put you in my prayers for a heappy healthy baby!

  2. Look at you starting to show!! Too cute!


  3. Congratulations on expecting a son! And do not fret about giving birth. While it may seem overwhelming at 20 weeks, by the time you're full term, you'll be ready. Trust me!

    Happy SITS Day!


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