Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010 Newsletter

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have enjoyed being able to spend all of the holidays in the States this year. It's been a great time to visit with family and friends.

December was a busy month for us. In addition to all of the Christmas activities, we made a trip to Covington, LA and visited two churches there. We also visited several churches in our home association. We made a trip to Virginia to an interview conference with the IMB and found out more about our return to the mission field. We are scheduled to be appointed as career missionaries on Wed. March 3, 2010 at Bellview Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, and return to the field later that month. The official word will come after the Trustees meet in February. We were able to see snow twice during the month of December. It was fun to play in! We received a great report from our last check-up/ sonogram and the baby appears to be developing well. I am currently 18 weeks. Please continue to keep this pregnancy in your prayers.

January is going to be another full month. We have several local speaking engagements at churches including two women's luncheons. We start childbirth classes on Monday nights. We have another trip to Virginia to attend a Stateside Conference with the mission board. We have a road trip to Dothan, AL to visit some past volunteer team members. Please be in prayer for all of our travels this month.

This new year will bring lots of change into our lives and we are looking forward to it with joy and excitement. We ask for your continued prayer for our lives, our ministry, and our future. We are anxious to see how the Lord is going to work in 2010 knowing that you, through your prayer support, will be a great part of that. Until next time....

Sending our love,
David and Regina
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) a great holiday with family
2) a great pre-natal check-up
3) many opportunities to share about our work in Guatemala and promote the Lottie Moon Christmas offering
4) a smooth interview process with the mission board and the opportunity to return for future service

1) our health and safety
2) our travels this month and our speaking engagements
3) our trip to Virginia- Jan. 11-16
4) our trip to Dothan, AL- the last week of the month
5) our next doctors appointment- Jan. 20


  1. I'm not going to lie...the whole child birth classes thing...those are so out-dated that they really aren't worth it. Can't wait to see pictures of your little will come faster than you think!!


  2. Hi! Nice to meet you two via SITS! Congrats on your first baby boy!! May God watch over you three as you travel!


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