Saturday, January 9, 2010

Burrrr, it's COLD!

Not much has been happening around the White house lately.  It's been COLD!!!  We are soo ready for some warmer weather. 

Thursday morning I attended a ladies Bible study with my neighbor at First Baptist, Brookhaven.  It was fun!  Other than that we have not been out of the house much in the last few days because it's just been too cold to get out and do anything.

We have two speaking engagements on Sunday.  We'll be at Highland Baptist in Crystal Springs in the morning and Easthaven Baptist in Brookhaven in the evening.  We are looking forward to sharing at each of these.

Monday morning we fly to Virginia where we'll be all week attending a conference.  We are looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones as well.  It is always good to be around others who do what you do and understand why you do it. 

We hope each of you are having a great weekend and staying warm as well. 


  1. Hey. Thanks for leaving me a comment. Congrats on your new addition. I haven't had a chance to read all of your blog yet, but I am starting at the beginning and will get to the current. I love missions and have been to Equador on a mission trip and loved it. Where are you living right now?
    In Christ,


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