Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Church Hopping

We have enjoyed being able to visit several different churches while back in the States.  Some we have spoken at and some we have just visited.  In Guatemala we were always in a different church/ home every Sunday so we have become accustomed to traveling around.  We have met some wonderful new people and have increased our prayer support greatly.

This past Sunday morning we shared at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.  Their pastor, Bro. Ray Quinelly, came on a mission team to work with us back in January 2009.  He is still very excited about what he experienced that week and is looking forward to a return trip soon.

David, Bro. Ray, Regina

Sunday night we attended the Chrismas musical at Gallman Baptist Church.  We have known several of their members for many years and it was great to see a lot of them.  The pastor there, Bro. Jimmy Errington, was on a team in April 2008. 

We corresponded a good bit with their GA's while on the field and have enjoyed knowing that they have prayed for us!  They were very excited to see us when we came in.  We took a group photo with a few of them and as you can see they were dressed for the drama. 

Prayer Request:
We will be flying to Virginia this morning and will be there the rest of the week meeting and interviewing with the mission board about our future with them.  Please keep us in your prayers over the next few days.

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  1. Prayers and happy thoughts are going your way!! Good luck!



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