Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 2009 Newsletter

Greetings from Mississippi! As most of you know we returned to the States last Sunday to begin our Stateside Assignment. We had a great day of travel and were welcomed home with lots of well wishes and love. We are getting readjusted well and fast. So far we are really enjoying our time back at home. Please pray that this will be a time of renewing and refreshment in our lives.

We are sure that most of you have heard by now, but in case you have not we had some wonderful news to share with our family and friends upon our arrival back in the States. We are having a baby!!! We are due June 2o10. Please pray for this pregnancy, my health, and the health of the baby. My next doctors appointment will be Monday, Nov. 9. We are praying for another great report on that day.

We are starting to get some speaking engagements booked and we hope to be able to see many of you while we are home. We still covet your prayers even though we are back in the States. We pray that we will be used here just as much as we were used there to make a difference in other people's lives.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We look forward to spending ours with our families! Until next time....
Sending our love,
David & Regina
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) a safe return trip to the States
2) a house to live in and a vehicle to drive while we are here
3) many family and friends who love and support us
4) our little one that is one the way! God is good!!!

1) our safety of travel as we visit around and share about our work
2) my pregnancy and next doctors appointment- Nov. 9
3) to be able to effectively relay to the churches all that we have experienced while being on the mission field
4) that God would use us to encourage others to get involved in missions

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