Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our First Ultrasound & A Little Update

Due to some early complications, we were very anxious to have our first ultrasound. We had it done last Wednesday, Oct. 21. I was 8 weeks. Words can't describe our thoughts and feelings when we saw our baby on the screen and heard it's heartbeat!!! What a relief and thrilling day that was!
The clinic has two doctors and mine is on the left. Both doctors were present for the ultrasound and both thought everything looked and sounded great! I have photos but have not been anywhere to scan them so I can post them but will try to do that soon.
I am 9 weeks today. Please continue to keep this pregnancy in your prayers as well as my health and the babies health. We would really appreciate it!

How am I feeling?

Sick & tired! ha I don't seem to be quite as sick as I was but the fatigue is as strong as ever. I think all the traveling and moving this week has worn me out. I am finally getting a little of my appetite back, but no weird cravings yet. I have not been able to eat much of anything so far. But, I think I have eaten more since returning to the States than I did in the last few weeks combined. I did wake up Tuesday morning wanting a hot dog for breakfast though. That was weird. I sneeze all the time and am constantly blowing my nose. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!!


  1. Congrats:) How exciting. Best wishes.

    A new Sits Friend:)

  2. Funny about the hotdog! I am so glad you are in the States. I hope you can find all the foods that you crave... if you can keep them down. Praying you will be able to rest somehow. Yay!!!!!

  3. I SO wish I had been blogging when I had my baby. I was so sick (I have myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease) and had to go off my medication to try and have a baby. It was a long road, but so worth it. My son is perfect!! (And 3 1/2 already!) Cherish every second. It goes SO fast.


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