Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Looking Back" #7- Auto Safari Chapin

Another fun thing we were able to do here in Guatemala was to visit an auto safari. We had seen a sign advertising it and so one day we just headed out to try to find it. We did get lost, which we still do from time to time, but that just makes for fun memories. We went back in June 2007. It's like a wide open zoo that you drive your car through and see all the animals up close and personal. There are signs in some parts that tell you to keep your windows rolled up. That makes you feel real safe, ha.
We loved being able to stop and watch the animals roam around.
One of those "keep your windows rolled up" parts were with the lions. This photo was not zoomed in. He was just sitting right beside the trail. There were a couple of babies running around as well. I just had to roll down the window some to take a photo. It was cool.
This thing was large!

We had soo much fun that day. It's been a blessing to not only live and work here but also to be able to get out and explore and see soo many of the different places around the country.

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  1. Great photos! Sometimes I just love playing "tourist"! Because we look so incredibly American, I can get away with slinging the camera over my shoulder and just snapping away. Folks just smile and pose!

    So, you're heading north in a couple of weeks? Flying or driving? If you're driving, you could stop in here on your way! ja ja ja Que les vaya bien!


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