Friday, October 30, 2009

The Comforts of Home

We are definitely getting spoiled while being back in the States. There has just been an overwhelming amount of love and support being shown to us. We truly feel blessed and loved!
We are living in the City of Brookhaven. So far we love it! We are a five minutes drive from not only Super Wal-Mart but also several options of places to eat. We are staying in a house owned by the Lincoln County Baptist Association. We are grateful to them for opening their home to us. It is very nice and very roomy! We feel lost in such a large living space, ha.
The dining room/ kitchen alone is as big as our apartment in Guatemala.

The house is completely furnished!!! We didn't need a thing but our clothes and some groceries. What a blessing that has been to us!We love this full size refrigerator! It's frost free so no more manual defrosting. Yippeee!! We have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, with a BATHTUB!
The two guest rooms have twin beds And our room has a queen bed. We love it! The living room
We live in a nice, quiet residential area with very little traffic. It is almost too quiet after living in Guatemala. David joked that the only cars he saw pass yesterday were the garbage truck and the mail man. ha It's very peaceful.

We are also grateful to the Macedonia Call Foundation of Mississippi for providing us with a vehicle to drive while we are home. They take donated vehicles and then let missionaries use them while in the States. It's a great organization, be sure to check out their website. We only pay for insurance and maintenance. Just another thing we consider a blessing!!


  1. Looks nice. Can't wait to see it. Just don't get lost in the house and be careful in the "tank". Reagan

  2. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!! Welcome back to the States - what a beautiful home you have. And a nice blog too! :-)

    Best wishes!


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