Friday, September 11, 2009

"Looking Back" #5- The Cross in Antigua

Another activity we enjoyed while living in Antigua was visiting the cross that overlooks the city. It was quite a climb to get up to it but the views were worth it!
Us at the foot of the cross, overlooking Antigua, with Volcan Agua in the background.
It was soo pretty from up there! Antigua & Volcan Agua (Water Volcano)


  1. Beautiful! I spent many an afternoon walking around town peering up at that cross. My folks were supposed to go up with me and the kiddos, but that's when Jonah and Ethan were out of commission with the pesticide burns, so...nope. Next time!

    And the boys post- I can totally relate, ha!

  2. What amazing views!!! I will have to spend some more time on your blog... do you live there or are you just visiting?

    Your 'fall' background is yummy... Autumn is my FAV season... the colors...the temperatures... the sunsets... its ALL good!

    OK... I see you are in ministry. AMEN!!! You are my hero!!! Praise the Lord for wonderful selfless folks like you guys!!

    God bless you with abundance to spare!

  3. Beautiful photos...gorgeous views. I stopped by from SITS to check out your fall template. Love the wood background:) I can't believe how quickly fall arrived. Seemed like our summer was so short!
    I live in the NE, so the scenery is about to become absolutely Stunning!

  4. The cross and its views are beautiful and breathtaking. In my trips to Guatemala, we did not visit the cross, but when I return someday with my daughter we will surely do that. it's nice you had a little respite time (?) to visit this spot.


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