Friday, September 18, 2009

All In A Days Work

Monday morning began with a group photo before we loaded the cars and started our day.
David, Regina, Carol, Jim, Bro. Miguel, Jane, & Wendall
Our first visit was to the village of Se' Pub. We didn't know until the very last minute that the village required a pretty difficult hike to reach. We thought it was close so we didn't take bottled water or anything (except the camera, ha). Here is a view from on top of the mountain before we climbed down. You can see the river at the bottom.
We went straight down the mountain! It was very steep. All I could say was, "I am going to have to climb back out of here!!!"
This is a view on the way down. The house we visited is in the bottom left corner.
Another view of the house
I was VERY happy when we arrived! The family that lives there are not believers but invited us to visit with them. We had members from a neighboring church hike an hour & 1/2 to meet us at the road and they then hiked down to the house with us. In K'ekchi' when you get somewhere you say "xoc'ulun" which means "we arrived". Boy was I glad to say it then. ha
When we arrived they served us a Kool-aid type drink in these gourds. I don't think we've had that happen before but Mrs. Jane says it was very common years ago. I thought it was cool and wanted to take mine with me but chickened out asking them for it.
I don't know if this picture really shows just how red my face was! I was also wringing wet!
We had a great visit there and expect God to do a great work among those people!
Well, what goes down must come back up. Here we are on the trail.
Once we reached the top we all had a time of celebration and prayer. We sang the hymn "Amazing Grace". It was a great way to end that visit!
This is the entrance to the 2nd house we visited in the village of Palmar. I love palm trees!
There are very few believers in this area. We prayed with these two girls in their home.
Isn't she precious!
There are many orange trees on this property and before we left one of the girls went out and picked us a sack full to bring home.
Mrs. Jane & Mrs. Carol
Our last prayer stop of the day was in the town of Cahabon. We stopped by the mission church there to pray for the pastor and his family.
The pastor's grandson, Franklin, was very sick so we were able to pray specifically for him as well. This is baby Franklin laying in a hammock.
When we left there we were three hours from Coban. We arrived home in the late afternoon, tired, but rejoicing about all we had seen and done in the last two days! Please continue to pray for the Cahabon region of Guatemala.


  1. Sounds like you're on quite an adventure. Beautiful scenery and interesting people to meet.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  2. what an arduous hike that must have been -- there AND back. but what beautiful countryside. my memoryu of Guatemala is of beautiful countryside just like where you were hiking. oh I want to go back and visit.


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