Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Southside- Dothan, AL Mission Team Day 4

This is our team photo that we took Sunday morning before heading out for church.

(back row) Stephen, Regina, Jeanette, Bro. Macario, Bro. Salvador, David
(front row) Carol, Jim, Shirley
The church we visited at was on the road between Las Casas and Campur. They are in the process of paving that road. The part that was done was NICE! Along the road they have built a lookout place that we stopped at to take photos.
To tell how high up we were, you can see David below in this photo.
We then traveled to the village of Sa Laguna to Mission Bautista Reyno Divino and had our Sunday morning worship service. The current church is the small wood building in the back. They are in the process of building the new church building in the front.

Stephen, David, & Jim
This is the pastor driving to church with his two daughters (one on the front & one on the back)
This is the inside of the current church
The team giving greetings
We had a great service with the people there. Afterwards we returned to Coban.

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