Sunday, August 9, 2009

Southside- Dothan, AL Mission Team Day 2

We started our morning (Friday) with breakfast at McDonald's. We then set out on the 3 hour drive to the town of Las Casas.
Mrs. Jeanette & Ms. Shirley at McDonald's in Coban

After we fueled our bodies, we had to fuel our cars. We stopped at the Cerro Lindo on the way to Chisec. Stephen & David
The girls- Shirley, Regina, Carol, & Jeanette
When we arrived in Las Casas we went to the hotel to check in and drop off our baggage. We stayed at the Valle Del Sol hotel just at the edge of town.
It is definitely nothing fancy but had a/c and hot water.
We picked up two K'ekchi' missionaries- Bro. Marcario & Bro. Salvador who worked with us over the 3 days. The first village we traveled to was La Flor Se' Sajal. It was our second time to visit this new mission. Click HERE to read about our first trip there back in May.
They were very happy about our coming to visit. They lined to road and clapped and cheered as we drove up. It made us all feel very welcomed!
We had a worship service with them. This next photo is of Jim & Carol leading in song.
During the service we had a baby dedication for a new baby girl- Carlota
This is the child with her parents
When we finished they fed us a Caldo lunch with poch and coffee. Everyone ate.
We left that village and traveled to the village of Naranjal.
We met with the believers at the church there and had a service with them
A five week old baby I got to hold.
The baby with her mama.
Mrs. Jeanette giving greetings to the locals
Jeanette, Stephen, & David
It was a long day of travel but a great day! We returned to the hotel, ate dinner, got cleaned up, and crashed! We had another long and busy day ahead of us.


  1. Love the photos of the kids, they look like they are having a blast!! And hey, so do y'all!!

  2. Ahhh...Valle de Sol...good times. We'll be back :) Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!


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