Monday, August 24, 2009

"Looking Back" #3- Climbing Volcan Pacaya

While in Spanish language school we had field trips every afternoon. These were optional but we tried to do as many as we could to help us not only practice our Spanish, but to learn more about the country and culture we were living in.

One of those trips was to a local active volcano that you can climb. Volcan Pacaya is about an hours drive outside of Guatemala City. They have morning and evening climbs.

Our first visit was back on April 12, 2007. They offer you walking sticks for rent (they actually make you think you are buying them but they want you to give them back once you return). ha You also have the option to ride a horse for half of the climb. We didn't on our first visit- we wanted to do it the hard way. I will NEVER do that again, ha. I will always and recommend that you rent the horse!
The volcano in the distance.
The evening climb starts in the late afternoon and by the time you reach the top it is getting dark. If the lava is flowing good you can get some amazing views of it!
There are not a lot of safety precautions. No rules or regulations. No protective gear. You just go at your own risk. You can get as close to the lava as you desire. We could not believe that they allowed you to do this. You could never do that in the States!
It was definitely one of the coolest things we had ever done! And, we've been back two more times since then.

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  1. If I ever tell you I would like to make that trip please refuse to take me...I will for sure have had a BAD lapse of memory!!!(:-)


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