Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 2009 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala! July was an "under the weather" kind of month for us. Between a virus and complications from my wisdom tooth removal, we felt like we were fighting sickness more than lostness that month, ha. We did host a wonderful team from First Baptist, Cullman, AL. They were a prayer team that worked in the Lanquin/ Cahabon area. They not only blessed our hearts but also the many K'ekchi' that they were able to pray for and encourage. We attended a wedding for the son of one of our national K'ekchi' missionaries. It is always fun to attend these events because it helps us to learn more about the K'ekchi' culture. We attended one pastor's conference. We held a recording session for the K'ekchi' radio stations and got several new stories ready to air. The topic for this new study is Discipleship. We had a shipment of 10,000 K'ekchi' Bibles arrive! We spent a couple of days getting several thousand of those moved to our K'ekchi' Baptist Association office. We welcomed back our supervisor and his wife to the field. They had been on Stateside Assignment for the past year. We are very glad to have them back!!!

We will be hosting our last team next week. We also plan to spend several days in the city this month getting our medical testing done for our next term. As many of you already know, our current term will end in late October and we will be returning to the States for several months. We are excited yet terribly sad at the same time. We can't believe how fast our time here has gone by. Please pray with us as we strive to make these last few months very productive and that we would finish our term strong! FYI- we are scheduled for Candidate Conference in mid-December and Appointment on March 3 in Memphis, TN.

One of the things we have regretted is that we did not start our blog from the time we arrived. So, starting in August we have decided to go back and post some photos from our early days in Guatemala. We are calling it "Looking Back". I will be randomly posting one from time to time so be sure to visit our blog to see current and past photos of what we are doing.

As always, we can't thank you enough for your love and support! We thank you for coming along on this journey with us. Our prayer is that we represent you & the Lord well. Until next time.....

Sending our love,
David & Regina White
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) good health
2) for the new relationships we formed with our last team
3) the McGriff's safe return to the field
4) new Bibles!!

1) our health and safety
2) our next prayer team- August 6-12- we will be working in the Las Casas area
3) our medical testing- August 24-28- no complications or major problems
4) that we would finish our term strong!

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