Friday, July 10, 2009

Mission Team Day 2

It's been a good day! We spent the morning at the market letting the team shop for gifts. We then ate lunch at Pollo Campero before heading back to the airport to check on the luggage. The flight does not arrive until 11:32. We were all happy to learn that the bags had arrived!! We loaded them up and headed out for Coban. We arrived here in the late afternoon, checked the team into a hotel, fed them dinner, and are now all settling in for the night.

Because of the baggage delay we will lose a whole day of ministry. We will now leave out on Saturday morning and make prayer visits all day with Bro. Miguel Chub. We will attend Sunday morning services in the Lanquin area and return to Coban late Sunday. Monday we will travel back into Guatemala City and the team returns to the States on Tuesday. We have had to re-adjust the normal schedule a bit but everyone is adjusting well.

Please be in prayer for us over the next few days as we will be doing a lot of traveling, and a lot of visiting. We'll update again in a few days.
Having lunch at Pollo Campero

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  1. You are doing the most amazing work.

    Stopping by from SITs


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