Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hangin' in the City

Well, our team from FBC Cullman, AL arrived today, on time, with no problems, except for one little inconvience- no luggage. A few of the bags arrived but not all. SO, we decided to stay the night in the city and hope that they come in tomorrow. Delta has one flight in and one flight out each day.

We got settled into the mission house and had an afternoon of getting acquainted. We took them to the store so they could buy what they needed to get through the night.

We went to eat dinner at a brand new place, Friends, that just opened near the mission house. It was a fun place to eat and hang out and we all had a great time there! When we arrived there they were playing Michael Jackson videos on the screens. The team was dying. They were hoping to get a break from all the hype while here but nope, it's been all over our t.v's here as well.

We came back and had our orientation, Bible study, and prayer time and have dismissed for the night. We will visit the market in the morning and wait for the flight to arrive to check for their bags.

It's been a great day, despite the change in plans, and we are all learning to be a little more flexible!! ha We hope to make it to Coban tomorrow. Please keep our team in your prayers over the next few days! We'll update again soon.

Our team- Robert, David, Stephanie, Regina, Joyce, Michael, Phillip, & Jim

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  1. Hi back from Boston MA. Stopped by from sits. The baby is beautiful! Probably growing by leaps and bounds.


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