Monday, July 27, 2009

Date Night & Weekend Update

Saturday night we planned a date night.
We went out to eat at one of our favorite places in town for dinner- Casa D' Acuna. It is a nice place and we love to go at night because they usually have it decorated really pretty.
This is the gift shop they have
They have outside dining and a few rooms to eat inside. It has been a stormy weekend so we chose inside. When it rains here, it's cold! So, the room we sat in had the wood burning stove going. I loved being next to the fire. We laughed at the thought of it being July and we were having a fire-side meal!
David ordered a steak...
and I had cheese ravioli. yum yum
When you order a "messy" meal like pasta, they put these cloth bibs on you to protect your clothes.
They have some of the best desserts in town. These are the spinning coolers that display them all.
We chose the vanilla mousse. It was delicious!
A lot of people like to visit there to admire all the orchids. They are known for all the orchids they grow.
We came home, made hot chocolate, and watched a movie. It was a fun night.

Saturday morning I spent several hours with a fellow missionary, Phyllis, helping her with her blog and facebook. We had a good time learning together.
Sunday morning we attended services at Belen Baptist Church here in Coban. Later that day we went to the Wiseman's for homemade cheesecake and coffee! They have children visiting so we also got a chance to meet and fellowship with them. We had a great weekend!
Today we are driving into Guatemala City. I have a follow-up dentist appointment. Please pray for our traveling safety today.


  1. Once again, you're bringing back lots and lots of memories! That was always one of our favorite places, too! Is the owner around often (memory's gone here - can't remember her name!!). We always loved their macadamian nut pie!!

  2. That looks wonderful...and in fact I could do with a vanilla mousse right about now!!
    Thanks for the encouraging words you left today.

  3. Cold and rainy...sigh...send some of that our way, would you? ;^) We had the rainy part this morning, but it was the warm sort. No complaining, though, since it knocked down the dust and cooled off the bricks.

    Date night is always a good thing. Doug and I set one day aside each week to go out on a date. (This week it happens to be tonight!). Usually we get groceries, too, which isn't so much fun, but it's nice to have a little time one-on-one. I'll have to take my camera on our date tonight and play "tourist". There's always something picture-worthy going on in Guasave.

    I pray that your drive and your dentist appointment went well.

    Que Dios les bendiga!!

  4. Wow, I need one of those bibs for my son! I often wonder how at 9 years old he can still end up with his food all over him!

  5. Wow. Looks like a fabulous time! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday for my special SITS day!


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