Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cullman Mission Team Day 3

Day 3 began with breakfast at McDonald's in Coban. Michael & Stephanie
We then picked up Bro. Miguel Chub and headed out on a full day of prayer stops. We traveled to the Lanquin/ Cahabon area. Our first stop was here in the village of Salac 1.
This is in the village of Se Asir
We visited the pastor and leaders here in the town of Cahabon.
In between these stops, we prayed for many unreached villages along the way. Bro. Miguel would tell us the name of the village, how many families lived there, and how many, if any, believers were there. It saddened all of our hearts to hear the names of the places in this area that have no evangelical work and the vast amount of lostness that is there.
We returned to the El Recreo in Lanquin for the night. This is the team having dinner there.

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  1. Oh my, they really do have McDonald's all over the place! Is the menu pretty much the same??


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