Monday, June 22, 2009

Mexico- Day 4

Sunday was our last day of meetings. It was a full day! We finished up with our share & prayer time. We had a great final worship and Bible study time. We recognized several milestones within our mission family. We had one family receive a 5 year service pin & one receive a 15 year pin. We recognized and presented Bible's to 4 graduates. We recognized and prayed for those going on Stateside Assignment this year (we were in that group).

The children presented a program from their VBS they have been participating in. I will post videos and photos of that in a few days.

For our lunch, they catered tacos al pastor. They were delicious! They were made with pork.
They shave the meat off Another person then finishes the cooking by grilling it.

They then heat the tortillas and fix the plates. These are some of the fixings to go on top. We had lemons, onions, cilantro, 4 different sauces, and my favorite- pineapple.
My plateFor dinner we went out to eat with Billy & Mary. They serve in Honduras. We ate at a very delicious Italian place! After dinner we visited a coffee shop that was next door to our hotel. They gave away several free capuchinno coupons and both of our families had won one as a door prize. We drank our coffees and sat and talked for about 2 more hours. We had a great time with them!They decorated the drinks really pretty.
Today we will say good-bye to everyone and travel back to Guatemala. That will mean a 20 minute cab ride to the bus station, a two hour bus ride to the airport, a 2+ hour flight to El Salvador, a 45 minute flight to Guatemala City, and a ride from there to the mission house. Whew! Please pray for our day of travel and for all the others who are traveling home today as well.


  1. Holy cow!! How cool is that?! Makes me hungry! haha

  2. Hi there - you were ahead of me on the SITS roll call today, so I decided to stop by. What an interesting life that you lead... i think I'll check back more often!

    Happy day to you :)

  3. OH MY GOSH! YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!!!

  4. i hate such long travelss but especially in south america its difficult not to have any...will pray

  5. I am always in awe of folks who do missionary work abroad. That food looks yummy! Looks like you really enjoyed yourselves! Stopping by from SITS!

    ~Christie (the chatterbox)


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