Friday, June 19, 2009

Mexico- Day 1

Our morning started at 4:00 A.M. It's not often that we are up before the sun!! We arrived at the airport, had a smooth check in, and headed straight to McDonald's for breakfast and some much needed coffee. The first leg of our flight was from Guatemala City to San Salvador, El Salvador. It was our first time to visit there and although we never left the airport, I had to take a few photos. There were also several things I had my eye on in the gift shops and look forward to picking a few of them up on the way home. I guess we will always be tourist at heart.
We flew from there to Mexico City. The airport in Mexico City is quite large and has many stores and eating places. A few that caught our eye were Starbucks & Krispy Kreme donuts. Yes, Krispy Kreme!!! I had to stop and have a moment of silence. haha I wanted to skip lunch and just eat donuts, but waited until I ate my slice of Domino's pizza and went back.

It was the first donuts we have eaten since our trip to the States last October. We thoroughly enjoyed them.
After eating, we headed down to the bus station to catch our bus to Puebla. We traveled today with the Grossman family. Here are Roger, Vicki, & Nathaniel waiting to board the bus.

This was our bus. It was very nice. Nothing like the buses in Guatemala!
We relaxed, enjoyed the snacks & movie, and the two hour ride.
Once arriving at the bus station in Puebla we collected our bags and caught a taxi to the hotel. We checked in and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with others who had arrived.

For dinner, we went to eat with Keith & Penny Stamps at Vips. It was across the street from where we are staying. It was a great day!
Our meetings start this morning and we have a full days schedule. We'll post more when we can. Thanks for your prayers for our travel. We appreciate it!!


  1. you look pretty good for 4am! cool post.

  2. What a special trip! And I have to admit, Krispy Kreme would be cause for a moment of silence for me, too. :)


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