Monday, June 1, 2009

June 2009 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala! May was a very social month for us. We spent a lot of time with other members of our mission family. It is always great to be able to spend time with other fellow missionaries. We hosted my dad for a week and had a great time showing him around! We attended a graduation service, a birthday party, a Pastor's Conf., saw two babies get dedicated, witnessed several people make professions of faith, and saw two families be reconciled to the church. We toured Tikal, visited Rio Dulce/ Livingston, Semuc Champey, a coffee farm, and went cave tubing. Whew!

June is looking to be a fun filled month as well. This week we will be hosting a new missionary couple who is coming to see the K'ekchi' work. We have a trip planned to the Lanquin area with one of our national missionaries. We will be attending an anniversary service for one of our churches. We have plans to attend a baptismal service. And, we will be flying to Mexico to attend our Annual Meeting. We are looking forward to that!!

Have we mentioned lately just how much we love what we do??? God is good and His faithfulness to us here has been unimaginable! It is an honor to be called and used of Him.

We covet your prayers for us and our work here. We depend on them more than you know. Thanks for praying for us and for your interest in what we do. Until next time.......

Sending our love,
David & Regina
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) my dad's visit
2) new believers
3) opportunities for Christian fellowship

1) our health and safety
2) our times of travel this month, including our trip to Mexico
3) that we would daily fix our eyes on Jesus and strive to please Him alone
4) our language skills

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