Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Church at Pocola

This week Wendall & Jane Parker and David & Glynis Miller are up our way visiting some of the K'ekchi' work. Yesterday afternoon we drove out to Pocola to see the progress on the church that is being built there. It is a HUGE construction project!!
When completed, it will be a two story building with a full balcony. Notice the duck on the second level.
I had a lot of fun chasing him around.
Wendall, David, & David
Glynis, Regina, & Jane
This is where they are having services for now.
Wendall, David, Glynis, Jane, Regina, & David
Last night we all went out to dinner at La Posada. Miss Fran joined us.

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  1. Great pictures! Thanks for the hospitality and opportunity to see how the Lord is using you among the K'ekchi. You are a blessing to us.
    David & Glynis


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