Friday, May 22, 2009

Mission Family Fellowship

We are enjoying our time in the city. We are here to attend the graduation ceremony of one of the MK's. We are having a great time at the mission house hanging out with several other families who are here also. We have 6 staying here for the weekend. It's been crazy at times, but a lot of fun! We spent the day shopping, mostly for those hard to find food items that you can only buy in the city. We have enjoyed eating at some good American places- McDonald's, Pizza Hut, & Wendy's. ha Tonight a few of us went to eat at Friday's (on Friday). We let the others decide where to go, but did not argue when they picked a place we love!

Wendall & Jane Parker, Glynis & David Miller, Regina & David, & Gary Stone

This is our supervisor, Gary Stone. He is just as fun as this photo shows him!!!

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