Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday- Starting early....

We left Las Casas early Sunday morning with Bro. Juan. Our first (of many) stops that day was in Tuyila. We had a visit there with the local pastor, Bro. Emilio.

The Baptist church there

Bro. Emilio & Bro. Juan

When we left there we drove on to Bro. Juan's church, Vida de Jesus (Life of Jesus Baptist Church) in La Balsa. This church is actually in the San Luis Peten region of Guatemala as was many of the other churches we visited that day.

A group photo outside of the churchWe attended Sunday School and had a worship service. The next few photos are of some of the Sunday School classes they had. They had adult classes, young mens classes, young womens classes, and a childrens class. Many of our Baptist churches do not have separate Sunday School classes. Everyone meets together. It is always good to see those that have grown and can offer it. This church has an excellent Sunday School program.

This is the children's class. They meet outside under this covered area. Most of them either stood the whole time or sat around on the concrete blocks. This is a photo of the young women quoting their memory verse in the service

David giving his greetings during the service

After church we ate lunch there. They fed us caldo with beef (it was the most tender, best tasting beef we have eaten here yet!) along with guisquil and tortillas. These are photos of the women in the kitchen cooking our meal.

Our pot of Caldo

Usually before we eat they bring out a container of water for us to rinse our hands off. They also rinse our hands after the meal. This is a photo of a little girl pouring water over David's hands before our meal.
Getting ready to leave This is a photo of guisquil. It is a vegetable that is grown here. Most people eat it boiled. We love it.

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