Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunday- Finishing Late!

Our last stop of the day was in the village of Secoyab. We parked on top of the hill and hiked down to the church. This is where we attended services on Sunday night. When we arrived they fed us dinner (Caldo with chicken, rice, guisquil, cabbage, & tortillas). It was delicious! This is their church, Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva (New Life Baptist Church).
This is Bro. Juan & David with the local pastor, Bro. Alberto, his wife, and one of his children.
This is two of the leaders there that also ate
The pastor's wife washing dishes
Some of the men from the church hanging out until the service started
This pastor has 7 kids- two sons and 5 daughters
They were all beautiful children and we had a blast playing with them until the service began

Bro. Alberto with his youngest child
I enjoyed taking their photo and then letting them see themselves on the camera. They were amazed! I also took some video of them and we got the biggest laughs out of watching them watch themselves. I tried to tell them to make funny faces so we could video it. The following video was taken by David with me off to the side making crazy faces trying to get them to copy me. As you can see from the video I didn't have much luck. They were too busy laughing at me to follow along. We really enjoyed these kids!

The service lasted until 8:00 p.m. We were two hours from Las Casas. We hiked back up the hill along with Bro. Juan and Bro. Alberto and made the two hour drive back into town. We dropped them off at the study center in Las Casas and we arrived back at the mission house a little after 10:00. We were completely exhausted but as we reminisced about the day our hearts were happy, as the K'ekchi' would say, for all we had seen and done that day. We had visited 11 places that day in all!!! It was one of the longest and hardest days we had spent in a while but a most enjoyable one!

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