Friday, April 10, 2009

Lunch with mission family

Wednesday we were invited to the Thomas' house for lunch. It is Holy Week here so all of the schools are out for the week. Several of our IMB families that live in Guatemala City came up to visit them and spend a few days in our part of the county. We had a great meal as well as some great fellowship time. We ate baked ham, baked beans, & potato salad. It was delicious!
The Fricke's (Mark, Debbie, & Zach), The Cadenheads (Jerry, Gini, Jessi, & Jonathan), The White's, Sandi Michael, The Thomas' (Jeff, Karen, Andrew, Bethani, Caleb, & Daniel).

The men- Jeff, Mark, Jerry, & David The Ladies- Regina, Debbie, Gini, Karen, & Sandi Bethani & Jessi Photos of the MK's

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