Monday, April 20, 2009

A LOOONNGG Saturday!

We left the hotel in Chisec around 7:15 Saturday morning. Bro. Federico wanted to make a few prayer visits during the day. We are learning that the K'ekchi' translation for "a few" doesn't mean the same in English. haha

This was our first stop of the day at Secauchil. We prayed there with the pastor and his family. Some of us with the pastor, Bro. Abilino, and his wife
We then traveled to Camposanto 2 and met with the pastor's family here in his house
Bro. Federico LOVED Jody! They got along soo well together. But, he couldn't pronounce his name and called him Yoni. We have had a lot of laughs with that!
Rock in the hammock
Bro. Federico wanted us to stop at this cave so the team could see it. It was huge!
This next photo was taken around noon. The day was just getting started, ha.
We visited this church in Xuctzul. They fed us a delicious Caldo lunch.
After lunch we traveled to Bro. Federico's house in Santa Marta. This is the church beside where he lives. He pastored there for 14 years before becoming a missionary.
His oldest son recently had a birthday and he wanted us to have a small party with him. We had coke and tres leche cake. It was yummy!
Bro. Federico, his wife, and his son, Dario
He has 5 children. This is a photo with his wife and three of his kids.
We visited this church in Sesajal as well as a church in La Cuchilla on our way to our final village for the day.
We finally arrived at Cambayal. This is where we showed the film. We first ate Caldo at a believers home. There are now 4 families of believers there.
They have cleared out a piece of land where they want to construct a church building. We had a prayer of dedication on that site.
The crowds gathering for the movie. We had several hundred come out to watch "The Passion" Some of the crowd
We did not make it back to our hotel in Chisec until 11:00 pm!!! We were exhausted!

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  1. We love Bro. Federico. It's so neat to see his home and family.


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