Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala! March was a laid back month for us. We did not have as much going on compared to previous months, as far as traveling. We have spent a good bit of time with Miss Fran reviewing some of our K'ekchi' lessons and it has been good for us and her. We had family come down for several days and we were able to take some time to show them around. We had one overnight trip and a few day trips but no lengthy travels in March.

April, on the other hand, will be different. We start out today with a recording session for Miss Fran to finish up a project that she has been working on. We will head to the Las Casas region on Saturday and will be there until Tuesday. We have a couple of services to attend during that time as well as a Pastor's Conference & WMU meeting. Our next team arrives on the 16th. We will be doing media evangelism in the Chisec region. When they return to the States, we plan to head down to the coast to spend a few days celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. We are looking forward to that!!! I will finish up the month with a two day ladies Bible study here in Coban.

Please be in prayer for all of our traveling and activities during this month. We depend on your prayers more than you know. As always, it's a joy and privilege of ours to represent you here on the mission field. Know that by praying for us, you are having a part in our ministry. Until next time....

Sending our love,
David & Regina
Your Missionaries to Guatemala

1) having Miss Fran to teach us and invest in us her knowledge of the K'ekchi' and their language
2) a safe visit for our family
3) God's protection over us

1) pray for our recording session today, that it will go well and that all the equipment will work properly
2) pray for our time of traveling this month and our personal safety
3) pray that we would stay healthy and be protected from sickness
4) pray for good language skills
5) pray that we would daily have hearts that seek Him, that we would be filled with compassion for those around us, and that we would have a burning desire that all come to know Him as their Lord and Savior.

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  1. Greetings from Reality Outreach: We are trying to put together the necessary things for you to translate our drama into another language and would like to call you on the phone - Please send your phone number to Many thanks, Tanya


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