Monday, March 30, 2009

Poor Precioso!

If there is one thing we dread here, it's having to get anything done to our hair! I don't think we have had a haircut yet that we were really pleased with. I am glad I live in a ponytail society. You can always pull it up until it grows back out, ha.
We have been watching after our bosses dog, Precioso, since he went on Stateside assignment last July. We have never been pet owners and kinda liked it that way. But, over time, we have grown to love this dog. Before, we rarely had anything to do with him, nor he with us. He HATED to come on our side of the fence and would scratch and whine until he got back home. Now, he scratches and whines to come over! We can't keep him out!
He's been acting a little sickly lately so we wanted to have him checked out at the vet. It's also been very hot lately and he has not had a haircut since his owners left. We thought it would be good to get him a "trim" to keep him cooler during these hot months. Here are a few photos of him before his "trim"-
He's a very pretty dog

This is what he does when we open our gate- it's like at the horse races when they open the gates, he comes a' runnin'
This was this morning before we loaded him in our truck

And this is what he looked like when he came home! Poor Precioso! I think his barber went to the same school as ours, haha. His hair is GONE!

I am sure he feels better, but if he could talk, he'd be mad at us! :)

I just told him like David always tells me, "It'll grow back!". Sometimes that is not too comforting to hear.

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