Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Picnic, Swimming, & a Cave

Today we visited the Cuevas del Rey Marcos outside of Chamelco. This is a picnic park with waterfalls and a swimming area. There is also a cave that you can climb in and tour. We took a picnic lunch and ate in a pavillion over the water.

After we ate, some tried to swim but the water was SOO cold! It was fun watching them splash around.

You can tell by his face how cold the water was.

These are some local boys that were jumping in. Watching them made us all nervous

After swimming most everyone went into the cave. This is what Larsen and I did while everyone else went inside-


  1. I can't believe Sawyer put that mud on his face. Was that what he during the time of silence and reflection?

  2. Have you noticed that mom has the sweat shirt on while the kids have bathing suits on? That's funny. Looks fun though.


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