Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another great weekend outing!

We left Saturday afternoon traveling to the town of Chisec. The church we were to visit on Sunday was 3 1/2 hours away and they wanted us there to eat breakfast. We chose to drive some of the way on Saturday instead of having to leave at 4:30/ 5:00 am on Sunday morning. We use the motel in Chisec often, both by ourselves and with teams. We think it is one of the nicer places we stay while out, but some of our past teams might think differently. (I won't call names but they know who they are, ha). Here are a few photos of our room-

The following photo is a picture of what we call a "widow maker". Many places we stay at do not have hot water. If we happen to be at a place that does, it's usually heated by one of these. It's run by electricity and you DON'T want to touch it while wet! Crazy idea, but it works, hince the name "widow maker".

The rooms might not be first class but the food sure makes up for it. We really enjoy eating at their restaurant. One of our favorite things to eat there is the fish. They were serving it last night. That made us happy!

Our whole reason for this trip was to visit the church of Bro. Adilio. He now lives in the Peten in the village of El Jordan and serves as the pastor there. He recentely moved there from Carcha where he worked at Radio Luz. We got to know him through doing recordings for the Institute of the Air. We consider him a good friend. For those of you who know him- he is doing well there as the pastor and the church is growing and doing great. We were encouraged to know he is doing so well. His only complaint was the weather. He said he is dying in the Peten heat!!! ha We could understand, it was very hot there today. It was the first time we have sweated in weeks! We actually enjoyed the warm sunshine but could definitely understand where he was coming from. This is also the home church for Bro. Pedro Caal, the President of the Peten Association, but he was away today.
The road to El Jordan
David & Bro. Adilio

Me with his wife

We arrived in time to eat breakfast. They first brought us two large pieces of sweet bread and coffee. We thought that would be it. But, they later brought us two pieces of fried chicken and some tortillas (for breakfast!). We were stuffed.

After the service they fed us again- two very large pieces of turkey, caldo, potatos, guisquil, tortillas, a canned drink, and a cup of coffee. I thought they would have to roll us to the car. ha It was very delicious and we appreciated their kindness.

Some of the cooks

We had a great day of worship and safe travels. We appreciate your praying for us!


  1. You must have stayed in my room. It's just as I remember it.

  2. I don't think I could eat the fish. It has the eyeballs and everything looking at you.

  3. Hahaha, I'm lolling w/Lynn. I would definitely have to cover his face with a napkin or something. I don't like when my meal is looking at me! LOL
    You know you are loved when they stuff you to the gills (no pun intended)when you come to visit. Sounds like it was a great weekend, and to me, the hotel didn't look too shabby. I'd be thankful for the hot water & mattress:)


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