Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Service

Today we attended services at Jerico Baptist Church. It is located in Chamelco (on the road to the Rey Marcos caves). It was the second time for us to visit this church. The first time was the first Sunday in January 2008. We remember because we were to start K'ekchi' language class the following Monday. We gave our greetings in English and had Jim translate for us into K'ekchi'. We had asked them to pray for our language learning and were happy to return today and give our greetings to them in K'ekchi'. They were happy with our progress.

The Sunday School lesson was an overview of the book of Genesis. When the teacher got to the part about God telling Abraham to leave his home and go to another place, the teacher used us as an example. He said, "just like the missionaries here, they left their home in the States and came here. They didn't know Guatemala, and they didn't know us, but they followed God." It was a little embarrasing but encouraging at the same time. The people chuckled but hopefully got it. We prayed that our example of faith would encourage them and challenge them to do what God calls them to do as well.

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