Monday, December 22, 2008

We've started a painting project

Today we started painting the guest apartment on our property. We have wanted to paint it since we finished painting our own, but just have not got around to it. We started in the bathroom (it's the smallest area). We are painting it white. It looks much better already and we still need a second coat of paint.
We then moved to the living room/ kitchen area. We are painting it yellow - pina colada to be exact. It is looking very good. We painted 2 of the 4 walls and then stopped for dinner.

We went to eat at our favorite tayuyo place. They were serving a special tayuyo called silip. They are filled with mushrooms and chili. They are only served this time of year. We have never heard of them so David tried one and thought it tasted pretty good.

We came home and prepped the other walls for painting tomorrow and are calling it a night. We plan to start again in the morning (if we are not too sore to get out of bed :)

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