Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Christmas Box

Our friends Reagan & Malinda have been very good about sending us care packages. Every box they send is like Christmas, year round. While we were in the city we received our Christmas box from them. I almost wish we would have waited until Christmas morning to open it, but we couldn't. :) They sent us monogrammed stockings full of cool treats inside. We did not have stockings so we were tickled to get some.
and these are a few of our favorite things...... (they know us so well)
Reindeer food and Santa's coal. I think the bubble gum turns your mouth black if you've been naughty. I'll try to get a photo of David when he eats his :)
Kitchen hand towels
My favorite- Mississippi magazine! (and some others)
Master's Edition Phase 10 and plenty of coffee to stay awake and play ita Friday's gift card, ornaments, and several other things. We LOVED it all! Thanks!

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  1. That was so sweet of them. I am going to have to better and get you things in the mail.


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