Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ladies Bible Study

This afternoon I had a great time at the ladies Bible study. There were close to 50 ladies in attendance. This particular study time is for ladies in all of our regions although many can not come because of travel difficulities. It is a blessing that the WMU (women's missionary union) is very strong within the K'ekchi' churches. Most WMU groups meet weekly in their home churches and they all meet together every other month for a 2 day study time in Coban like the one I attended today. I have been trying to attend as many weekly meetings as I can at the local K'ekchi' church in Coban on Thursday afternoons. My tutor is the Pastor's wife there and she has been really good to invite me and inform me of other women's activities.
One of our former teams brought us several cards, many of them Christmas, that their church had laminated with John 3:16 in English, K'ekchi', and Spanish on the back for us to give out. I took many of them today and as I shared my greetings, I passed out the Christmas cards to the ladies. They were very happy to receive them and to know that they came from a church in the States. I could tell that their hearts were happy.
Some of the cards I gave out

The scripture, John 3:16, that was added to the back of the cards

A few of the ladies with their cards

We will meet again in the morning at 8 and study until noon. Please pray that it would be a great time of Spiritual growth and of fellowship for the women there.

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