Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is this called work? (part 2)

We spent the night in Teleman at a motel that was built alongside a Texaco gas station. It is by far the most rustic "motel" we stay in. Normally this is a hot area and it was during the day but it got quite cool Saturday night. The wall's of the motel do not go all the way to the ceiling. They stop and then you have screen to keep the bugs out, ha. We were on a corner room and we thought we were going to freeze. It was very drafty with the cold winds. The beds only have sheets for cover. We put on every bit of clothes we packed (which wasn't much) and snuggled up. I might also add that this place has no hot water. So imagine a cold shower on a cold night. Brrrr........ We survived as we always do and have even laughed about it a lot today, after the fact.
We went to church in a neighboring village to where we showed the film on Saturday. The name of the village was either Sa' Potal or Tzapotal. We are not sure of the spelling (sorry Mrs. Jane). We drove about 35 minutes and then hiked about 10 minutes to the church building. We had a great time of worship and fellowship there. Some churches seem more warm than others and this one definitely was inviting. They have a young pastor, Bro. Rigoberto, and he was so encouraged by our visit.
One of many creeks we crossed to get to the church

Hiking to church

I don't think we will ever get tired of the views here The village church we attended- Iglesia Bautista Filadelfia

One of the things we noticed right away was the drummer boy. He was only about 6 or 7 years old. He really impressed us and brought us a lot of joy by watching him play. He did great!

After the service this little boy's family invited us to their house for lunch. It was another 20 minute hike away. We went and had a delicious Caldo and Tortilla meal with them. We saw a snake on the trail to their house. We know they are here but we don't see them often. This did not go over well with me :(. After lunch we hiked back to the car and headed on our way to Coban. Bro. Roberto seemed to have just as good a time as us and was trying to schedule us a return visit to his region with him. We look forward to going out with him again.

Bro. Rigoberto, his son, David, & Bro. Roberto

Here are some more scenic photos we took on the drive home-


  1. Dear Ones, I have laughed and laughed about that "motel". Thanks to Our Father for a safe and wonderful week-end.

  2. Looks like y'all made it home. Hope you have a good week.


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