Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guatemala Mission Christmas Party

We had a great time today at our mission Christmas party. We had a large crowd that came. We met at George and Helen Hardeman's house. They had it decorated very pretty for Christmas. Here are some photos that I took-
Fixing our plates

This is David Brown & David White, isn't that funny. They hit the dessert table first.

Someone brought Dr. Pepper's!!! How generous of them!

They put up a tent with tables & chairs in their backyard. It was a pretty day and a very nice place to have our meal

Some of the MK's (missionary kids)
Mark & Gary
After lunch all the adults played the annual White Elephant Game. Each person brings a wrapped white elephant gift. George (pictured below) reads the story of the white elephant. Everytime he says "white elephant" the gifts are passed to the right. At the end of the story whatever gift you are left holding is yours. We had a lot of laughs playing this today.
Roger, Vicky, Helen, Sharon, & Richard
Ellis & Judy
Keith & Penny
Group photo of the MK's

Group photo of everyone else present- minus a few

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  1. Jim and Cathy AddisonDecember 18, 2008 at 8:06 PM

    Hello! My family will be in Coban the first week of January and would love to meet you and be of service in some way. I will try to email you. You can contact me a


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