Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun in the City

We arrived- finally! It took us over 5 hours to make the 4 hour trip. The traffic and construction were horrible today. We made it here safely so that's all that matters. Here is a photo of some of the traffic we were stuck in-

Here is a photo of a truck carrying eggs- lots of eggs! We thought this was a funny sight.

We usually stop half way to use the restroom and get a snack. The store we were at was very decorated for Christmas. I loved the smurf drawing they had on the window. Growing up I loved the smurfs. We had a family of five and we took turns picking out cereal. I always picked Smurfberry Crunch. Does anyone remember that? We stopped by our mission office to check our mail. We had lots of Thanksgiving cards and a few Christmas cards as well. We always love getting "snail mail" and say thanks to all of you who sent mail to us.

We ate lunch at Taco Bell and then arrived at the Arkansas Mission House with plenty of time to play with Rebecca and Josue'. They are two of our favorite Guatemalans. We have enjoyed watching them grow up and always look forward to playing with them when we come into the city.

Tonight we went walking around one of our malls. It is beautifully decorated. The crowds were just as bad as we remembered them being at home this time of year. Ugh! Here is a photo of one of the many Christmas trees they have up. It was soo pretty.

We decided to go see a movie while there. We saw Madagascar 2. It is a very cute movie. We loved it! Wednesday is bargain day at the movies. You get in for Q19. That's about $2.50. Pretty cheap, huh. Normal price is Q33. About $4.50. Still not bad. We bought popcorn, nachos, and a drink really cheap too.

David ordering our movie snacks

After the movie we went to the mall food court and shared a personal pan Domino's pizza. We've had a great day, full of good "American" food and entertainment. It's been great.

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