Friday, November 7, 2008

Scouting Trip Update

Thanks for your prayers. We had a safe and enjoyable trip. We traveled to the town of Teleman which is in the Polochic Valley (about 4 hours from Coban). We were able to visit the village where the upcoming clinic will be held. We met with the leaders there and made all the arrangements (as best we could). We prayed over the area and for the clinic. You can begin praying for this clinic as well. The clinic dates are Nov. 17-19. Pray for God to begin working in the hearts of the people before we even arrive.
This is our group that went. Regina, K'ekchi' Missionary- Bro. Roberto who will be leading the clinic, Mrs. Jane, Mr. Wendall, & David

Bro. Roberto with the village pastor & his wife

As usual, there were many children around and it did not take them long to warm up to us

After everything was done we headed to the local motel to make the teams reservations and check in for the night. This place is probably the most basic/rustic of all the places we stay in Guatemala. It was a fast reality check that vacation was truly over. ha We ate dinner at their restaurant and let them know that a group was coming soon.

These were our waitresses. They loved having their photo taken. I will try to print a copy to take back to them when we return with the team.

After dinner we walked across the road to the local ice cream shop- Sarita's. They are very common and popular in Guatemala. The team will be happy to know that one is so close.

Since we were able to take care of all our logistics on Thursday all we had to do today was make our way home. It was a blessing that all went so smoothly. On the way home we stopped in La Tinta at the local hospital. We met with the Director and Administrator to set up a time for the team to tour the hospital while here. They were happy to work with us and we look forward to our return visit.

We made several other pit stops along the way to buy fruit. One stop was for oranges. The locals set up stands on the side of the road and sell. We like to support them.

My favorite stop was at a place that has a lot of wild impatients growing. Every time we have gone by there I always want to stop and pick some to bring home and plant. Today, David finally stopped!! I was very happy. We will put them in our yard and hopefully they will grow and multiply.

Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. Funny, I always make Jimmy stop too. We have several things growing in our yard as a result of our travelsl=)


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