Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

We had a great time of fellowship with our mission family over the Thanksgiving holiday. We all met at the Baptist mission house in Panajachel. Pana is located on the beautiful Lake Atitlan. Here is a view from a lookout point on the way down:

It was cloudy around the lake the whole weekend so we were not able to get many good photos, but here is a lake photo with one of the many volcano's that are around it:

The next few photos are more for our families than anyone else. I took photos of some of the good food we had to let them know that we did enjoy a good, traditional Thanksgiving meal.
We had turkey,


ham, and a lot of casseroles and desserts.

This was the dessert I cooked. It was like a pecan pie.

Some of our mission ladies in the kitchen:

Our Guatemala Mission Family- Thanksgiving 2008
After lunch some rested, some shopped at the market, some played cards and other games, but all had a great time.

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