Friday, October 31, 2008

Not in Guatemala yet....

We set our alarms, woke up on time, got to the airport, checked in, and had a great flight to Atlanta. We are flying standby so we knew there was a chance we would not make a connecting flight from Atlanta to Guatemala City. We did not. So, we called our friend Tabb and he picked us up. We met his parents, Gary and Joyce Pearson for lunch at the Longhorn. After lunch we went with his parents to sight see around their town. They live in Newnan, Georgia. It has a lovely historic district. We did a driving tour of all the old homes. It was nice. After that we came back to their house and took a much needed nap. When we woke up Tabb, Tonya, and their children picked us up to go to their churches fall festival. We had fun walking around and meeting several people from their church. Their church has taken several trips to Guatemala and we look forward to them coming back hopefully next year. Here are a few photos from our day:
Joyce, Regina, David, & Gary
Tabb and Tonya with their three children, Rachel, Rebecca, and Jonathan, and a family friend

The kids in their costumes

David and I enjoying the Fall Festival at Flat Creek Baptist Church

We are thankful to have friends here to take care of us and put us up while we wait to get home. We will get up tomorrow morning (Saturday) and head back to the airport and wait to see if we will get on tomorrow's flight. Hopefully we will.

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