Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A night on the town

Last night was a special treat for us. We actually considered it to be quite fancy compared to the outings we have become used to. We were invited to go out to eat and to a musical by our friends Reagan and Malinda and Johnny and Anne Sojourner.

David, Regina, Malinda, Reagan, Sara Madalin, Mrs. Anne, and Mr. Johnny

We went to eat at the Bonefish Grill in Madison. The Sojourner's daughter, Anna, joined us for dinner. Their other daughter, Amy, was married over the weekend so it was good to hear the wedding details and even see a few photos.

David, Regina, Mrs. Anne, Mr. Johnny, and Anna in the front

David, Regina, Malinda, & Reagan

Malinda & I enjoying playing in the revolving door

After dinner we went to Thalia Mara Hall in Jackson to see the musical Stomp. It was amazing! They really put on a great show. If it comes to your area we would definitely recommend you go see it. When we walked in the auditorium I immediately heard someone yelling- Mrs. Regina, Mrs. Regina! I was soo tickled to see it was "Little" David. He is the son of one of my former bosses. He is not "little" anymore, he's 14. That is hard to believe considering I remember when he was born and now he is growing up so much. I also was able to see his mom, Kim, and talk with her for a minute. It was great to see them.

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