Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harmony Baptist Church

Sunday morning we shared at our home church, Harmony Baptist. It was great to see everyone and share with them about our work in Guatemala.

This is a photo of the churches parsonage where we lived for 7 years before moving to Guatemala. You could sit our apartment where we live now inside of that house. It was big. We spoke, did a video presentation, and David preached. After the service we had a receiving line for everyone to come by and greet us. It was like a homecoming/ family reunion.You will notice in the above photo all the flags along the balcony. Each represents a different missionary that our church supports. Ours is the second flag from the left. We are proud to come from such a mission minded/ mission supporting church.

This is our pastor, Bro. Clark Stewart and his wife Pam Chet and Mary Catherine Bryant

Reagan, Malinda, & Sara Madalin

Jackie, Nickey, & Rickey

Holly & Dallas

Sara Madalin

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  1. That sure is a pretty little girl you're holding. She's going to miss her Aunt Gina when you're gone.


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