Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday's travels

We made it to Atlanta and had a great flight. We will fly out of here in the morning. One of the benefits of flying stand-by was if there are seats available in first-class, we get them. So, we were able to fly to Atlanta first class!! It was a very nice treat. You can get really spoiled up there. Here are a few photos of our day:
We were greeted at the airport by Tabb & Tonya Pearson. Tabb works for Delta and helped us with our tickets. They have been on teams with us in Guatemala. We went out to eat with another new friend of ours, Robin, who came to work with us this past April. She brought her husband and two children to meet us. We went to a Japanese steak house and had a delicious meal. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and catching up.

This is Tabb's parents, Gary and Joyce. They were on the very first team we worked in Guatemala. We LOVE them and always enjoy seeing them and visiting. They are very sweet people.

And this is Tabb and Tonya. We are staying at their house tonight and will ride to work with Tabb in the morning to catch our connecting flight. They have three children who we will eat breakfast with before we leave. They were already in the bed when we got to their house.

It's been a great day. Thanks for your prayers. Pray for our last flight tomorrow morning and for a sweet reunion with our families. We'll update again soon.

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