Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting fixed up

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Hebrews 12:2
The security light outside of our apartment has been out for several days now. David decided today to try to find the parts to fix it. We didn't think it would be very hard to do so we first drove uptown to the hardware store he normally shops at. They did not have the part. They sent us to another store, and then they sent us to another store, and four stores later we decided to drive home, park the car, and walk back uptown with the part in hand. After a few stops we found a store that had it. He bought all he needed and we returned home for him to get to work.

I am glad that he is such a "handy man" and can fix most anything around the house.

The good thing about walking uptown was that we get to see so much more that we miss by riding in the car. We were able to look in several stores along the way and also mingle up close and personal with the people. The best part of all about the trip was that the store that had his part was right next door to one of the K'ekchi' fabric stores. These stores are like a candy store to me. I love to go in and look at all the different colors of their fabric. So while he was getting his stuff I went next door and looked around. I ended up purchasing some to have me a skirt made for when we go home and share about our work. I already have a purple top so I picked out a purple fabric to go with it. I dropped it off with the lady who does our sewing and she is supposed to have it ready by next week.
These are the girls that work in the store and helped me make my choice. They were very funny and eager to help. You can see all around the different fabrics and colors that they have. It was a hard choice.

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