Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Sweet Sunday Service

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11
We had another great day of worshiping the Lord with our K'ekchi' brothers and sisters. We went to Chimo (for those of you familiar with the area- this is outside of Carcha where the Radio Luz tower is). This is a pretty large K'ekchi' church. It seems very organized and had such a sweet spirit there.

Most all of the K'ekchi' Baptist churches have Sunday School but not all of them have a separate Sunday School for the children and youth. Typically everyone from the smallest baby to the oldest adult will meet together for study. This church has a separate class for the children and youth. What we LOVED about it was that at the beginning of the church service all the children, the young women, and young men each marched in separately, lined up before the church and quoted their memory verse. The K'ekchi' really put a strong emphasis on scripture memorization. That is great! I counted 27 young men there today in their group. We were very proud to see that many of them had a Bible in hand. Here is a video of the children saying their verse:

When the service is over we always hang around because the people like to come by and shake our hand and thank us for coming. We are usually some of the last ones to leave the church. The lady in the following photo come by and sat down beside me and talked to Mrs. Jane and I. She had the cutest baby. She said the baby had recently had the measles. You can tell by the sores still remaining on her face. She let me hold her for a whole 10 seconds. At first she was smiling and happy and then it was like it hit her all at once and she wanted her mama! Her name is Esther. Pray for her to continue to get well soon.

When we left the church we walked next door to the pastors house for lunch (yes, you guessed it- caldo and tortillas). We had a good time of fellowship with him and his family before returning home. Here is a photo of the pastor- Bro. Enrique and his family:

Here is another photo of the pastor's wife and daughter's. You can really see from it how the K'ekchi' ladies dress. They wear these brightly colored tops called a po'ot and their skirts are called an uk (the "u" is supposed to be underlined but this program will not allow me to do it).

Most of the them wear these shoes that are similar to what we used to wear and call jelly shoes. One of my goals for the week is to walk uptown to the market and purchase me a pair to wear with my outfit while at home.

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