Thursday, August 21, 2008

It sounded like a good idea?

Give thanks in all circumstances. 1 Thes. 5:18
It is not very common but from time to time we lose water pressure or even our water in general. Yesterday was one of those days. Starting yesterday morning up until today our water has been barely coming out. (It is working well now though.) Since it didn't look like it was going to be working well last night, we decided to do delivery for dinner because I thought if I cooked there might not be sufficient water to wash the dishes (good excuse, huh). The only thing we have ever called in here is Domino's Pizza. They offer double days on Tuesday and Thursday's. We don't like to order on the off days because we don't feel like we are getting a deal. Why are we like that??? Well, there is another restaurant that delivers here in our town- Pollo Campero.
This would be the equivilant to a KFC, Popeye's, or Church's chicken back in the states. It is VERY popular here with the locals and tourists as well. It is not one of our favorite places to eat and we have only eaten there a few times. When we had our last team here we ate lunch there with them. The food that day was really good. So, all that to say, we decided to call them up last night and have them deliver us some chicken. We were not sure how to place our order but "thought" that the #4 was the chicken nugget plate. We ordered three of them (two for us and one for the Parker's). When they brought it we were disappointed to find that our order was not chicken nuggets. It was ok but not really what we wanted. We decided that if we try that again we will have to go back in the restaurant and study the menu a little harder.

I ordered three different drinks, and that was right.

And, like everyone else here in Guatemala, they delivered on a motorcycle.

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