Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lasagna, Leon, and lots of laughter

Through Him all things were made. John 1:3
Monday night the Wiseman's invited us over for dinner. We had a nice time of eating and fellowshiping with them. Delrae cooked lasagna with salad, bread, and homemade strawberry shortcakes. It was soo good.

This is their cat, Leon. They love this cat and treat it like their kid. They talk about him all the time. They tell us what he's been doing, what he's been getting in to, etc. You would think it was their baby. They recently bought a hammock for their back patio. They had told us in K'ekchi' class how the cat likes to get in it and swing. When we were there the other night, he did just that. It was funny to see him laying in the hammock and "chillin out".

We suppose the "laid back" Guatemalan lifestyle has rubbed off on him as well.

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